PW Book Signing Tour Is a Huge Hit!

So Pioneer Woman, AKA PW, AKA Ree, AKA Ethel Merman, AKA Lucille Ball, I could go on...has been on this big book signing tour for the past few weeks, promoting her new cookbook. She has hit major metros all over and will keep touring for the next few months or so...check out the tour to see if she is in your city here You should be so lucky! I was not. She doesn't have West Texas on her list. However, if you are like me and have a super duper Sister in Law that lives in Dallas and happens to be really into book signings and loves you enough to stand in huge long lines with crazy people who drool over PW, then you too can catch a glimpse thru a texted photo and hopefully get a signed cookbook for Christmas. I am truly living vicariously through my faithful Sister in Law, who didn't even know who PW was until I showed her the cookbook at Barnes n Noble a few weeks ago and sweetly mentioned, more like begged her to go to the book signing for me.
She texted me all along the way. See this is a girl who stood in line for the Twlight series, so she is no newbie to long line book signings. However, she said and I quote "These Mom's are crazy!" I really owe her, big time. She mentioned baking her a Chocolate Cake. I'll have to whip up PW's Chocolate Sheet cake, which is crazy good and super simple. Can't wait until Christmas and I unwrap my signed Pioneer Woman Cookbook. Absolutely Thrilling and a labor of love from my Sister in Law! Thanks Ren! Love ya!

PW's Beautiful Girls!


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