Keurig Mini

We interrupt this program to bring you a much needed advertisement for the Fabulous Keurig Mini Coffee Maker. Or as I have decided to call it "Fergilicous Coffee." Something about the spelling of Keurig that reminds me of Fergie...Call me weird.
No, I don't get any payola from Keruig of any kind, but I'm all about creating THE FABULOUS VACATION...and this little baby came through for me. Perfect size for the RV, we had delicious coffee every morning. The best part, each of us could pick our own flavor and there was no leftover. Now granted, if you are a 8 cup family, it might not be the most economical for you. But with what I bought it came out to be about .50cents a cup for us. The choices are amazing and even include Hot Cocoa and Hot tea for the kiddos or non coffee drinkers. This little machine works so quickly and so charmingly, that when we returned home, I took it out of it's new home in the RV and brought it in the house for it's rightful place on my kitchen cabinet. Keurig makes all sizes, so check it out on the link above. Just another way to create a Fabulous Vacation. Enjoy!


CoffeePHD said...

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