San Marcos, Texas

So our latest getaway was in San Marcos Texas. It's our place. Lots of history here for us. So we know it well. The San Marcos River runs through the Texas State campus and is 72 degrees year round. It makes for a refreshing and exhilarating treat from the hot weather. San Marcos also hosts the BEST Mexican Food on the planet at Herbert's Taco Hut. So I know I normally take pics of our food for you to salivate over, but I was so thrilled that we were at Herbert's, I totally forgot until after it was all gone. So as you can see by the empty plate, I really enjoyed my Guacamole Chalupa Dinner. You just can't go wrong with any plate. The hot sauce is unlike anything anywhere else. It's not tomatoey, but a hot deliciousness of jalapeno goodness.

The owner and her son Mrs. Herbert.

You hungry for a Chili Dog? Then head of to Chili Dog and get 5 for $6.25. Need a little retail thereapy? Head to the gargantuan outdoor Outlet Shopping Mall. Actually there are two. Just in case you couldn't walk your legs off at one. They are side by side and one can find any store in the world there. My faves - Coach, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, Ralph Lauren - to name a few.
We stayed at Canyon Trail RV Park while we were there. Definatley close to the action, but no shade and no cool amenities. Would only stay here again if I really had no other option. Which in San Marcos, there are many options.


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