Chil-lax in Maui Baby!

The weather is warming across the country, except for those hold out areas that still have to get a few freezes and snow storms in before Spring swings in full tilt. Those snow storms just make us hanker for sunshine even more and fantasize about warm beaches and turquoise water. Last April we had the pleasure of visiting one of the most diverse islands in the world. Maui has much to offer those seeking The Fabulous Vacation. From high end retail shopping, food experiences galore, to the laid back slow paced side of the island where you see one or two people in a few hours. Glorious beaches, crystal clear blue ocean water, whale watching, blowhole spraying, sun like crazy and just a chillaxin way of life. You want to slow down - this is the place to do it. The locals are so friendly and warm. They make you feel to welcome and have this "surfer dude" way of just spreading the "No Worries Dude" approach to everything. The two words you will use often are "Aloha" which are used for hello and goodbye and "Mahalo" which means thank you. So get them down, cuz it's fun and it's polite. When in Rome.....
More on Maui later...


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